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Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul
Sowing Creek Press, First Edition (March, 2018), ISBN: 978-0-9973522-2-1; E-Book version to be released soon, 978-0-9973522-3-8.

If you find solace in the natural world, you’ll love this new book. Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul connects the benefits of nature to the joy of reading.

This collection of true stories, essays, and a few poems by 34 accomplished writers, captures the imagination and engages the spirit. The essays’ settings are diverse: ancient canyons in the Southwest, wooded parks connecting major cities in the East, mountains that stand sentry in the Pacific Northwest, and your own backyard full of bugs. Nature’s Healing Spirit: Real Life Stories to Nurture the Soul provides a window into the personal lives of people like you, experiencing nature and how it heals: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When a mother grapples with her son’s disorder, the rhythm of the sea holds a key. When a relationship ends in betrayal, the gift of closure arrives on wing. When a healthy man suffers a stroke, he discovers healing in nature’s time. From the mundane routines of modern life to the heart and soul of the human experience, these stories become your own. Savor these rich sensory experiences, and join the writers as they grow stronger, wiser, and happier.

Taking notice of nature in our daily lives can bring the benefits—more empathy, faster healing, and better mood, to name a few. Studies show that reading holds the same value. Explore the seasons of life through the eyes of writers whose voices are as unique as nature itself.  Read the book and enjoy Nature’s Healing Spirit every day.


Wings, Worms, and Wonder

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Mothers of estranged adult childrenDone With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children
352 pages, May, 2016 (paperback); April, 2017 (E-book); February, 2018 (audiobook)
ISBN-13: 978-0997352207, ISBN-10: 0997352205

In Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children, Sheri McGregor, M.A., helps parents break free from emotional pain—and move forward in their own lives.

As a loving mother to whom the unthinkable happened, McGregor knows the horrible shock that wrings a parent dry, triggers denial, blame, anger, and shame. With empathy and understanding, as well as tools, the latest research, and insight from more than 9,000 parents of estranged adult children, McGregor helps parents of estranged adults plan ahead, prepare for emotional triggers, and prevail over setbacks and pain.

You can be happy again. In a calm yet authoritative voice, and with exercises derived from her work as a life coach and her own recovery, McGregor helps mothers who did their best to come to terms with their estranged adult child’s choices, and regain their health and happiness.

To fathers of estranged adult childrenthis book can help you, too. “Ninety-three percent of the parents who answer my survey at RejectedParents.Net are mothers,” says Sheri McGregor. “That’s why the title is directed at them. But many of book’s examples are from couples, and include the experiences of fathers. Some passages directly highlight men’s reactions, including my husband’s. The principles presented are relevant to fathers, and the strategies for coping can be used by anyone.”

In this encouraging and comprehensive book, McGregor fully covers the phenomenon of estranged adult children from families who never expected a son or daughter to cut ties and walk away.

Nine in-depth chapters provide dozens of inspiring examples from among the thousands of parents of estranged adult children. Gain understanding and practical help from a mother who knows the pain of this devastating loss with all its uncertainty and heartache. Hope can remain, but you don’t have to stay stalled, forever waiting. You can move past the disbelief and distress. Take charge. Reclaim yourself and your life—only maybe even better.

Readers’ thoughts about
Done With The Crying: Help and Healing for Mothers of Estranged Adult Children–

Mothers day was a Tsunami of pain so I ordered this book the day after. I could not wait for the Kindle edition. I am glad I ordered it. I am almost finished and it is full of tips and exercises to move you forward in the process what ever you decide to do individually . This book is designed to go at your own pace and to develop your own coping practice skills for daily living. This is more than a self-help book it is a recipe for how to move on into the life you want to have. As Mom’s we have recipes for how to cook? Well, this book is a recipe for how to live.

Sheri McGregor’s book ‘Done With The Crying’ is by far one of the most compassionate and comprehensive books to date on the silent epidemic of mothers and fathers who have faced abandonment or estrangement of their adult children. The author has masterfully included many accounts of mothers who have experienced the trauma of being rejected by their adult children; and she has shared many helpful coping and healing strategies to lick and heal the wounds in this exquisite book. Her extensive research provides valuable information in understanding the many root causes, reasons, and cultural shifts for the parental abandonment or estrangement of adult children. You will also find that in so many cases the parents were normal, loving, nurturing, supportive and generous human beings who, in spite of all their best caring efforts, were later rejected and even verbally or emotionally abused resulting in one most painful experiences of a parent – the cruel and willful abandoned by their own off-spring. ‘Done With The Crying’ is a profound study on this silent epidemic that can truly become your best source of learning from the author’s and many other parent’s personal experiences, so that you can come to a place of inner peace and acceptance of this new reality, and be able to find new hope and meaning in your treasured life.

If this book cost $100 it would still be a FANTASTIC bargain. It contains a complete therapy course you can do at home to help process the myriad painful thoughts and emotions suffered by estranged parents. It has an interactive format. Throughout there are helpful questions posed for self-reflection and introspection, along with spaces for the reader to write in their own responses. The author, Sheri McGregor (hereafter to be called “Ms. Sheri”), makes a sincere effort to encourage the reader to get the most benefit from the book by participating in this valuable interaction.
Ms. Sheri is the exact perfect person to write this book because, in addition to her background in psychology and counseling, she also has personal experience with estrangement. Additionally, she has put an enormous amount of research into this book, and she covers the subject in impressive depth and breadth.
The tone Ms. Sheri takes throughout the book shows clear respect for the reader — she knows/trusts/believes that you are a loving parent who has always tried to do your best! She never TELLS you how you should act or what you should feel. She lays out diverse examples of ways that other parents have handled situations in order to help the reader “try on” ideas and see what might fit for themselves. She gently encourages the reader to try small steps, always with the assurance that you are free to change your mind and go in a different direction. She writes, “I’m a firm believer that we each know what’s really best for us.” Gotta say, I love the way she debunks the “experts” who so freely dish out advice — that was reassuring.
This book came into my hands when I really needed it. I set myself the goal to read it cover-to-cover and to answer the questions. It’s been a hard journey, but a very worthwhile one, taken every step of the way with Ms. Sheri walking beside me as a supportive, caring friend. I wish to express my deep gratitude to her for all of the hard work she put into this most valuable and helpful book. THANK YOU Sheri McGregor!!!

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